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Paul and Ruth – Missionaries Then and Now

For five years, the Tuxworth family lived in the Philippines and worked at Faith Academy – the largest school for missionaries’ kids in the world. Paul and Ruth went as High School Chaplains and Ruth remained in that role – adding teaching a senior class for the last three years. Paul’s concern for vulnerable children led him into child safety work at the school and also in an international setting. He has training in this field as few missionaries do. MK’s (missionaries’ kids) are particularly vulnerable to abuse and the need for skilled counsellors, teachers, investigators and consultants is acute. Ruth is currently on staff at Boonah Church of Christ as a part time teacher. She loves pulling together the sermon ideas that fit the people listening. Podcasts of her messages are available on the Media page. Paul is working about half his time in the Philippines training national pastors and Bible college students in this area. He also offers training for Bible colleges and churches in Australia where alarmingly few institutions are doing so.

Paul's current ministry is assisting missions and churches in the Asia Pacific region, with child abuse policies, prevention and response. Paul and his family spent five years serving in the Philippines. He worked as an international child abuse prevention and response trainer, consultant and investigator with the Child Safety and     Protection Network. He studied at The Brisbane School of Theology, has a degree in Social Work and over 20 yrs experience as a Christian counsellor and group facilitator in the abuse field. He has worked as a consultant for both the government and private sectors and was an advisor with the QLD Minister for Families on abuse policies.

We hear of children being abused far too often. Abuse in schools and homes is disturbing, but even more confronting is the prevalence of child abuse inside the church. The scriptures are very clear that children hold a special place in the heart of Jesus. We all have a part to play in safeguarding our children. For too long the Christian church has left the task of child abuse prevention on the smallest shoulders in the congregation.

Paul’s ministry focuses on:

  • Awareness raising (Child Abuse in Ministry);
  • Bible colleges, introducing good child safety practice as a foundation for future ministries;
  • Historical Child Abuse Reviews & Risk Assessments for ministries;
  • Response & investigator training;
  • Policy, Procedure recommendations
  • Assisting with child abuse prevention;
  • Professional supervision for ministry child safety officers;
  • Assisting as investigator/consultant for ministries as they respond to cases of suspected child abuse.

The other ministry passion he has is the building of fishing boats in the remote communities of Tacloban and Samar. In the devastated mess left after Typhoon Yolanda, about 30 thousand small family fishing boats were destroyed. The large trees traditionally used to make them were also uprooted. Thousands of village people were without any way to fish. Paul made plans to build about a dozen boats using fibreglass, but God took hold of that small plan and turned it into something much larger. The men Paul trained have launched over a hundred boats so far and will go on to make many more. It has been the kind of small beginning bearing loads of fruit that Jesus talked about. Because of these boats, a hundred families are able to feed themselves and others too. The impact of the boats is huge. They are now linked with a seaweed-growing cottage industry project, so families have more than one use for the boats. Paul continues to visit and support the ministry, but much of the daily work now lies in the hands of trained national men.

If you would like to know more about the child safety work or to have Paul visit your church / organisation to talk about training, contact him via email at If you would like to support the work of the Tuxworth family, see the "Bank Details" details under "Contact Us".

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