Geoff Hopson

I’m a country boy at heart and Boonah is a great place to live. I first came here as a young guy out of Bible College. Seven years later, I crashed. Burnout is hell on earth!

We had to eat, so for 22 years, we developed a couple of businesses. I worked 12-14 hours a day; we also became involved in a church. To escape, I bought a boat to take the church youth group skiing  - 12 ft second-hand, red fibreglass, home-made ski boat - top speed of 20 mph. WOW! This expanded to more boats, camping, 4WD, beach fishing, scuba diving and a 26ft deep keel yacht. Our two girls both married into this lifestyle!

A guy came to our church for a 10 month ministry. He simply told us about Jesus. This totally changed my life.

Two years later, Capernwray Bible School Australia invited us to come on staff for me to become principal. During that time I became acquainted with Abiding Life Ministries International.

After five years at Capernwray, the Boonah Church asked us back for a 6-month interim ministry - which extended over eight years until retirement. Near Boonah we found what was on our hearts - a beautiful place in the country where folk can pause on their journey and connect with the Jesus I rediscovered in my own life. This is where we live.

The “boy” is now back in the country, living at Mount Alford Lodge Christian Conference Centre.

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Paul Tuxworth

Hello. I am Paul Tuxworth. I love boats, my family, Jesus, boats and … oh yeah – boats. I do not love writing – so my wife is writing this for me.

That’s why the truth about the boats leaked out! I am a laid back kind of guy, but hardworking where I think it matters most. I have worked as a social worker, a counsellor, child safety officer, part-time beef cattle farmer and adult educator – so you can guess I like steak and I have a concern for vulnerable, marginalised people.

I am not a “touchy-feely” kind of person – but this is what matters to me: God’s heart for the people most at risk of harm in this busy, messy old world. I spend about half my time in the Philippines doing some of that work – but more about that in “The Tuxworths’ Ministries” section of the page.

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Ruth Tuxworth

Hello. I am Ruth Tuxworth – wife to Paul and Mother to John and Christy. I love having our family all together living on our farm in scenic Boonah, but after five years as missionaries in the Philippines, I have a different sense of who I should be in the world, and my ministry here.

I was stretched and delighted by the role of high school chaplain at Faith Academy (more about that in “The Tuxworths’ Ministries” on this profiles page) and I am now a part-time teacher at Boonah Church of Christ. I enjoy pulling together challenging ideas and seeing people respond and grow.

I also love writing and riding horses – neither of which I do as much as I would like to.

If you would like to know more about the largest school for missionaries kids in the world - Faith Academy, have a look at the school’s website at, and if you want to know more about my teaching, there are some sermons podcast on the Media page. 

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